Listening comprehension using videos

In this second section you're going to practice through video files. First watch the videos presented to understand more about Listening. Then, go to the series of links by means of which you can practice and get more listening skills.

Take a look at the following videos before you go on with exercises.


Video practice

This link shows video quizzes you can solve applying your comprehension habilities.

This link provides videos which are parts of movies with a series of questions as multiple choices to practice your comprehension skills.

Page similar to the previous one where the goal is to see pieces of videos to answer comprehension exercises.

This page offers videos with people taking on reports and stories and you can also see and read the scripts as you watch the videos, so as to understand better.

With this page you'll just watch videos so as to develop your understanding of English. You also have the chance to read the script as you watch the video.

A classic page where you can combine watching videos with deevloping comprehension skills through multiple choice exercises.


For a more challenging assessment here you can see videos of different types and topics. No exercises, just listening, comprehension, and understanding.