Listening comprehension using audio

In this first section you're going to practice through audio files. First watch the videos presented to understand a little more about Listening. Then, go to the series of links by means of which you can practice and get more listening skills.

Watch the following videos before you start exercising.


Audio practice

This page includes an American-English pronunciation practice as well as listen & repeat videos, songs, poems, and tongue twisters.

This link includes everyday English conversations with general and common topic in everyday life.

This page contains different topics divided into lessons where you can access different comprehension exercises.

Here you are given a listening material and at the same time you can have the chance to answer different questions based on the listening material.

This links to a webpage where you can find different leveled exercises to practice your comprehension skills.

Through this link you can evaluate how good you can be concerning taking a dictation from a listening given to complete spaces in blank.

This link contains stories separated by categories and also includes exercises to assess your comprehension.

Here you are going to access different conversations with people speaking with different accents so as to have an ear training. At the end, you'll hava access to different questions to assess your comprehension.

This link includes completion exercises based on listenings to practice your comprehension level.

This page includes all kinds of topics where you can read and at the same time you can listen to the statements and even repeat them to practice your correct pronunciation and accent.

For a more challenging activity, try this page where you can listen to Specila English Reports, in pure English fluency and speed. You'll access to the script of the listning and you'll have the opportunity to write your own comments about the things you hear.